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Aussie Opals

We proudly work exclusively with Australian Opals! And why wouldn't we?

Did you know that Australia is responsible for producing 95% of the world's opals? Additionally, our country is home to the finest quality and most expensive opals in the market. Our little beauties are known for their famous play on color - it's like there is a little bit of magic inside each gem!

Speaking of magic, check out our Venus Necklace and Venus Earrings. They're exquisite pieces crafted with these enchanting Australian Opals, bringing a mesmerising play of colour right to your jewellery collection. The Venus series is a stunning embodiment of the beauty and charm of our opals.

A little history lesson: Just a little while ago (around 30-40 MILLION years), the locations of Australian opal mines were covered by the sea. The water seeped through the cracks of the earth and began the long-term formation of Opals. So, know that the Opal you are looking at has literally been millions of years in the making!

We also invite you to explore the Selene Necklace, another splendid showcase of our Australian Opals. Reflecting the timeless beauty of the moon (Selene being the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology), this piece brings a captivating allure to any ensemble.

Fun facts about Aussie Opals in comparison to other opals from around the globe:

Due to the conditions in which they grow, Aussie opals LOVE water. In fact, your opals will look their best when they're wet!

Other opals around the world (like an Ethiopian opal) are actually porous, meaning that when they come into contact with liquids and water, they will absorb the moisture, which will temporarily dull that beautiful colour of the stone.

Aussie opals have the best colour flashes! Our opal colours are so beautiful that competing regions around the world have been known to add a chemical solution to their stones to try to mimic the colour.

Experience the magic of Australian Opals with our Venus and Selene necklaces. Embrace the charm of million-year-old treasures!


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