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Moon Studs

The Luna Earrings are our signature style. Embrace the moon and everything that it represents with these delicate and sweet studs.
Crafted from solid gold, you can wear these studs day in and day out with trust that the colour will never fade. Add the perfect touch of style with this simple addition to your look.These earrings are simple and elegant. Inspired by the timeless beauty and strength of the Moon Goddess, Luna Rae combines luxury with infinite style.

  • Crafted from 9k Solid Gold. 
  • Crescent moon shape
  • Butterfly clip
  • Stud style earring
  • Size; 4.5mm x 3mm- 1mm thick
  • Gold weight .6 grams
  • These studs are inspired by the slimmest crescent of the moon, be gentle when putting on, and taking off.